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How Does Hair Mineral and Toxins Analysis Test Guide You For a Personalized Nutrition Plan?

Hair Test for Diet Plan

A blueprint of one’s individual biochemistry can be created by testing Hair samples. Hair is a powerful tool to evaluate the chemical and mineral composition of the body as it gives an average of 3 months of history unaffected by daily dietary intake and environmental changes. On an average 90% of human head hair is in growth phase and it is at this stage that elements from blood supply are incorporated into hair structure.

Analysis of Elements – Discovery of Hair Minerals and Toxin Analysis Test

The term ‘elements’ takes us back to chemistry class when we used to put all our efforts in memorizing the periodic table but never really understood its impact on our health. Some of these elements called ‘trace or essential minerals’ are the “spark plugs” of life and play many important biochemical and metabolic roles within the human body. Analysis of these elements gives an understanding of mineral patterns which may be associated with stress, blood sugar and carbohydrate imbalances, metabolic rates, biochemical energy production, toxic load and glandular imbalances. Some of these elements are known as ‘Heavy Metals’ such as Mercury, Aluminum, and Lead. They have a negative impact on our health and it is important to understand the load of these metals as often symptoms of heavy metal toxicity mimic illnesses like autoimmune, thyroid dysfunction, gut problems such as IBS and mental disorders, depression, fatigue, nerve pain, insomnia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, headaches, heavy periods, endometriosis, adenomyosis and imbalanced hormones.

Hair Test gives a thorough assessment of the levels of essential elements (excess/deficiency), heavy metal toxicity and the ratios of elements essential for bodily functions. When you take a hair mineral assessment, the readings are inferred to enable you to understand the root cause of your ailment and optimize your diet and lifestyle to reverse the disease. Much research with extensive details has been published that establishes a strong relation between poor mineral metabolism and gut health. You can fortify your gut health with a balanced diet rich in essential minerals by eliminating what is bad, introducing what is good and restrengthening your gut to flush out the heavy metals.

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The Perfect Nutritional Diet Plan - Just By a One Prick of Your Hair Sample

As you get started to heal your body, a balanced nourishing diet which covers what your body needs to address the deficiencies and also to be equipped to support the detoxification mechanisms, balance your gut microbiome, hormones and various organ function, the hair test guide can help in providing the required information and support to make the necessary changes in the diet. Not only this, the environment we live in is the source of heavy metals we are exposed to. Knowing the heavy metals in your body, it like a full body checkup via single hair, you can then make the changes in your environment, daily choices and exposure.


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